Fargesia murielae “Bambi” (N)

Fargesia wall.” Bambi” (N) in jar

(Danish Bamboo propagated by Gobambus) Bambi (N) is one of the smallest Fargesia bamboo. “Bambi” (N) get many thin yellow / green (straw) branches, green leaves, low dense type that can tolerate cold as well as heat. Height 1,2 Full meters Winter-hardy.

Photo: Perennial Bamboo “Bambi” (N)

(“Bambi” (N) reported to the names and black protection register in the EU, and must not be reproduced by anyone other than Gobambus)




Fargesia Wall. “Bambi” (N) bambushæk

Fargesia Wall. Bambi (N) is particularly suitable as a small very dense hedge and the Japanese gardens, terraces and jars